Stupidity incarnate

Behold, Robert hath descended from the heavens, and his purpose was to rid the world of stupidity, but the world rejected his teachings! GREAT WOE!

Today I will conclusively prove to you how this post is complete and utter nonsense. Hopefully the author of the post will have a change of mind toward a healthier, more logical mindset as a consequence.

This is the first statement, right out of the gate:
“Faith is the assertion of truth without evidence, and always contradicts reason.”

Faith is not asserting anything, but it is believing with or without evidence. It is independent of evidence. Under certain circumstances someone’s faith is wanting for evidence, and under others it is not. Therefore, faith must not necessarily contradict reason, as one can have faith in reasonable things. It can also conflict with reason. In this case, the author’s faith in his own mental faculties has clearly shrouded his judgement when it comes to simple logic; everything is not black and white. You made a false dichotomy, ~~maaaan~~.

I will continue hitting this hard until whatever it is that possessed him to write such nonsense is dead.

His second swing is taken:
“When you accept articles of faith you submit to authority and turn your brain off because you can never reason through to the submitted conclusions. In fact it is understood as necessary to degrade and dehumanize your oppositions.”

Here is yet another false dichotomy. Accepting an article of faith does not necessarily mean that you can’t reason through it’s submitted conclusions, nor that the article itself is unreasonable.

As for the second statement, I can only point out his own hypocricy:

“The absurd circular arguments offered by the religious because they are by definition mentally deranged and are dangerous to everyone because of the rejection of reason.”

You’ve already rejected reason twice, and now you call religious people mentally deranged. Surely you can’t be so blind as to not see yourself in the mirror?
Not only this, but he does not make a single argument throughout the post… only statements and conclusions. Perhaps we are simply to accept them as authority?

Oh, but I forgot. He most likely has the ~The Science~ on his side. Obviously we needn’t hassle with such things as logic or reason when confronted with ~The Science~.

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TL;DR? This guy sums it up nicely:

17 thoughts on “Stupidity incarnate

      1. Good. The answer is simple. As I have stated: Faith itself is outside of reason, and therefore you can have faith in both reasonable and unreasonable things. It would follow that you could have faith in unreasonable things, wouldn’t it? It’s a fairly obvious conclusion.


      2. As I has expected, it’s another question. I answered your first, and you still thirst. Let me ask you: Do I look like your fucking dad? Kindly fuck off now that you have the answer to your rhetorical ‘gotcha’ question–which I answered flawlessly.


      3. To choose to believe things, or have Faith in beliefs, that are unreasonable… seems reasonable to you? Isn’t that the textbook definition of delusion?


      4. When did I ever make that statement? Delusions are believing things that don’t exist, like believing that I think faith in unreasonable things is reasonable. Now take heed and tallyho


  1. Do you have Faith in an After-Life, and if so why? Have you experienced Death before and then been reborn or something or are you taking the After-Life on the word of some authority? It seems to me that there is absolutely no empirical evidence for it!
    What about an Eternal Soul? Do you believe in it and how did you stumble upon this belief?
    What about Hell? What about the divinity of Jesus? What about Vicarious Redemption? What about the Transmigration of Souls? What about Original Sin? What about the autonomous existence of G-d?….etc….
    I’m wagering you hold a lot of idiot Faiths that are no more than invented fictions just like any children’s story except that most children are smarter than you and don’t mistake reality for fiction! 🎯😊

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    1. This post wasn’t about me. It was about your logical errors. It doesn’t matter if I believe in something or not when I’m pointing out that faith is not inherently irrational or illogical. Don’t you comprehend these things when they are spelled out for you?


      1. So then prove to me that belief in an afterlife is not illogical? Prove to me that there is rational, credible evidence for this. And prove to me that it’s not simply an assertion without proof that can likewise be dismissed without proof! You don’t seem to make arguments, you just blather on, and on like a lunatic!


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