Dealing with Jews.

“Tee-foo-tiddly-fum, whomever disturbeth my sleep is a bum” I echoed as I awoke to new notifications on my phone.

This post will be a continuation of the slaughter from this post’s comment section.

Do you ever get the feeling that someone’s questions are not genuine? Does it sometimes feel like someone’s question is an attempt to frame you?
That’s because it happens all the time, and we all know and understand when it is happening, but sometimes we don’t know how to deal with it.

I refer to the people that set such insincere questions as Jews–or Pharisees–, but one man that has gone into detail on the specific type of behavior refers to it as ‘the jester archetype’.

“In my essay Machiavellian Thinking vs. Conventional Thinking, I coined the maxim “justification is a Machiavellian fallacy”This can be simplified and distilled as “justifying yourself is anti-cunning and weakens one’s social power” – internalising this idea deeply is key to effectively battling a jester. Never take a jester’s questions seriously, assume every question to be nought but an insincere trap, and you will do well to avoid the pitfalls the jester so effortlessly and ravenously sets.”

So here’s the example from a recent post:

I knew from his first question that he was not sincere, merely because he used the word ‘admit’. Am I on trial before a judge here? Am I supposed to be hiding something? Your Honor, I only meant that–
Not only that, but the answer to his question could be easily gathered from the post; either he’s the type of guy that needs a drool-wipe every 5 minutes, or he’s being insincere. I figured the latter, and chose to refer him to the post.

He chose to plead ignorance and retardation. I could have simply told him that “it’s not my fault that you can’t understand it,and left it at that, but I chose to prolong his suffering. Again, I made the first answer as blatant as possible, restating that the answer is obvious for anyone that doesn’t moan loudly every time sessamy street is on TV. Then I used a pressure-flip, hitting him back with the same, insincere line of questioning that he had previously used on me. He must’ve been seething at this point.

After he submits, I decide to give him a cookie and answer his retarded question. I consider myself benevolent, but perhaps I’m simply gullible…

Now he decides to make things personal in an attempt to disqualify me with yet another dumb question that is completely besides the point. Who cares if I’m a theist or an atheist. If my argument is correct, then it is correct. We were talking logic, not my social standing in Clubchadenfreude’s ‘cool kids club’.
Obviously it calls for me giving him another punch.

He grasps for some straws, and I .execute.

The reason I was able to deal with him so effectively is because the basis of my argument was sincere and truthful. I didn’t have to plan or scheme, but simply deal with things as they came. Most of it was simply stating the obvious with a humorous twist.

When someone acts like a Jew, they set themselves in a position of power in order to tear you down. They are not there to deal with what you’ve said or done. Never take it seriously.

To answer your question, Mr. Jew: I am a Christian.

I can just imagine the levels of salt if he were to read this.

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