The stupidity has not ceased

Robert continues to exceed my expectations of stupidity in his new post, and so I shall return the favor and be kind, correcting him where he has gone wrong.

In this article, Robert postulates that since the universe is infinite and eternal, Christians can’t accept the study of it. He has written this despite the conclusive proof that there have been numerous Christian scientists, such as Newton, Tesla, Galileo, Kepler, Francis Bacon, etc. And I wouldn’t want to refrain from giving the living ones cred either, so props to you guys for doing that microscope thing with the stethoscope in the machine thingy.

The fact of the matter is that Christian scientists have done much more for the furtherance of knowledge than any other group of scientists in the history of the world. You may find that hard to believe, but let’s step outside your elementary school’s teachings, and realize that there’s a history outside of “Hitler was a bad man.” This is not written to brag, but to kill the lies that–when taking into account the achievements of God’s scientists–hinder scientific development.

Robert writes:
“One of the possibilities that resulted from Einstein’s theory of General Relativity is that the Universe may be infinite and eternal. This position was taken by both Aristotle and Spinoza. And they are correct that space cannot be contained because there is nothing capable of restricting it.”

Aristotle did not believe the universe was infinite. He believed the universe was finite. Where did Robert get this information from? This is a blatant lie. All I had to do was google it because I had a hunch that Aristotle would classify the universe as finite, considering how enamored Christian philosophers have been with Aristotle.

And space can be contained.

Contain: have or hold (someone or something) within.

You can have a box with space inside of the box. Space can be contained. All things have definition, whether they are purely metaphysical, or tangible, finite objects. These are the fundamental logical laws that govern the universe, which Robert can’t keep up with because he is not educated. We know for a fact that he does not do his research before running his mouth.

Let’s trot along. Nay, let us canter.

Apparently–according to Robert–religious people have upheld the big bang theory, too. What about the countless of debates, lectures, and documentaries deriding religious people for not believing in the big bang? Even most atheists would probably agree with me that religious people are generally opposed to the big bang theory, not the ones upholding it.

I would wager that it is not that religious people are holding anything back, but that “the big bang” is a paradigm. Like any paradigm within science, it takes time to change. The reasons are not only that people fall in love with set ideas, and hold fast to paradigms, but simply the logistical mess of having to scrap your previous equipment, charts, and precious research in favor of something new can be quite frustrating. It’s like planning to go to the amusement park, and then being told you’re going to the beach.

I will not be tackling whether the universe is finite or infinite because I do not talk about things I don’t know anything about.

I think Led Zeppelin died, reincarnated, and started a new band, so you might want to check that out:

that solo just hits me so good

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