Perhaps this will be a big leap for most of you, but I have been informed that my readers are intelligent people which enjoy looking at things from different and open-minded perspectives. After all, we are all here to learn new things.
But enough buttering you up to swallow the uncomfortable truth, here we go.


It is not always true that we stand upon the shoulders of giants. Sometimes we stand upon giant foreheads; I will be relying upon the work of a very popular internet-philosopher, Stefan Molyneux, in order to leverage my initial point. For those who are unfamiliar with Molyneux’s work and want a deeper look into the logic behind why governments are morally wrong, you may want to read Stefan’s book Universally Preferable Behavior.

I will give you a summary of Molyneux’s book here and now:
There is no logical way to justify the initiation of force (coercive force) against another person.

Governments obviously rely upon the initiation of force in order to exist. One example of this is taxation. You must pay taxes or eventually end up in jail, even if you have never done anything morally wrong.

When we follow this logic to it’s conclusion we arrive at anarchy. It’s simply not logical for one human being to initiate force against another; and so we must all throw our rings of power into mount doom and stop trying to force our wills upon others.

Of course, I understand that many people are unwilling to swallow this pill. That’s fine. I’m not here to convince them, nor does it ever behoof me to throw pearls to swine.


Anarchy requires a submission of the self to reason.

Whether you want anarchy or dictatorship, both require submission. A dictatorship such as Stalin’s or Lenin’s requires that the populace submit to the dictator’s will, just as anarchy requires the vast majority of the populace to submit their individual wills to reason. Democracy, too, requires that a good half of the people submit to the will of the mob–which always ends up being the will of a few oligarchs and a shadow government, but that’s a story for another time.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that Stefan’s UPB (thou shalt not initiate force) is the most reasonable law. Everyone must submit to this law in order for there to be anarchy. Anarchy can only exist under this law.

Where there are laws, the laws must be enforced. I am not saying that the non-initiation of force becomes self-defeating–it doesn’t. You could perfectly reasonably enforce this law at gunpoint without there being any logical contradiction. I merely want to point out that anarchy requires submission, and is not in any way a form of freedom. Anarchy is only freedom from a government by human will. In fact, freedom is a lie. It is always a lie, whether promised by anarchists or by statists. You must always submit to something.


The heart of man is bent on evil.

What is reason? It seems self-evident to many, yet on any given day people are very divided about what is the most reasonable thing to do.

Is reason an object or a being which we can submit to? Is it a standard by which we can measure things with? Some would say so. Others would also say so, yet disagree with the metric to use, or which object should be submitted to. Some even deny that logic and reason are real things. Some say that the only thing which exists is matter.

By merely looking out at the division among people one thing is very clear: most of them have absolutely no idea what they are talking about, yet they all firmly believe that they do. This is the main issue. It is the heart of man, unwilling to understand that they do not know. They confuse their own will for that of a cosmic dictator. Man has always made himself the graven image, trying to put himself up as a god.


“Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.”

The only way to achieve reason is for people to submit to God. Why is this? It is because when a person admits they are wrong, and that they need to change their ways, they let go of their ego; they let go of their self. Once the self, full of pride and vanity, has been let go of, people can naturally start to see things more reasonably.

It is the very act of selflessness which is a necessary precondition to the act of proper reason. Reason is to put aside you and focus on what is. All else becomes rationalizing, which is what I previously mentioned when I described how everyone has divided and different beliefs on things.

Most people believe they are reasoning when they are simply rationalizing.


I am aware that Stefan Molyneux has his own solution to the problem of unreasonable people, which is peaceful parenting. Peaceful parenting raises kids to be more peaceful (and reasonable,) which I don’t doubt. My point is that a belief in God is a necessary precondition for the masses to adopt anything remotely similar to peaceful parenting.