You’ve probably heard of a certain red pill and it’s antithetical cousin, the blue pill. The terms originated from the 1999 movie, The Matrix. Nowadays it’s internet slang for truth and lies; the red pill stands for truth and the blue pill stands for delusion.

In such a dichotomy there is no third option; there is only truth and lies. There may be shades, but they exist between the two poles. So why is my post named the white pill?

The reason is that the red pill community is fundamentally blue pilled, and so there needs to be a new, improved pill. I am not saying that the red pill community is as deluded as the blue pilled horde of soy consuming, blue pilled transhumanists, but it’s fundament is flawed, and will therefore never achieve much in line with truth.

In fact, there’s a term coined for people who try to mix the red pill and blue pill ideas called purple pill, and to reiterate in a more salient manner; the red pill is purple pilled. It has always been.

The conformity to the truth which is needed for a man to be truly red pilled has been selective; the majority of red pillers accept the truth in so far as they believe it will benefit them in order to pursue vanity. Everything from the understanding that meat is part of a healthy diet, to the truth about female nature is only acceptable to the average red piller if it benefits them. Not strange considering that Rollo Tomassi’s book The Rational Male (one of the red pill’s core books) is largely written from an evolutionary point of view; survival of the fittest is not conducive to the self-sacrifice required for truth.

As an aside: I am not saying that it is better to be blue pilled. As stated before, these two pills lay between two binary poles, which I will discuss soon. The red pill is a shade better in this sense than the blue, and Tomassi’s book is certainly worth a read to the uninitiated.

My purpose with this post is to bring your attention to each pole. I am here to expand your view further up toward the macrocosm so that you may look down and see more than you saw before.

Before I begin, I'm aware that the concept of a white pill has already been coined by involuntary celibates. I don't really care. My concept is better--and completely unrelated.


There are two poles: truth and lies. The white pill represents a commitment to ultimate reality; to God. It is accepting the truth at all costs. The black pill represents a commitment to lies; to the Devil, accepting truths only in so far as your indoctrination permits or your self-serving ego requires you to (it is most often a mix of both.) Each person will find themselves somewhere along the spectrum, and perhaps we can even call them “blue pilled” or “red pilled” to mark their position, but what sets the “white pilled” person apart is the acknowledgement of ultimate reality; the Truth; God.

The reason that the red pill community is not much better than the blue is because most of the red pillers are simply trying to get laid or to access material gain. They are using the truth and perverting it for their own gratification–and the destruction of society by using women as if they were cheap condoms.

Each pump-and-dump (one night stand) creates a scarred, dysfunctional woman who is whittling away at her ability to bond with men, creating further destruction in society as she inevitably releases her frustrations upon other people. The abused always becomes the abuser; in time she will become more radicalized along the lines of feminism and other destructive ideologies as a means of getting revenge. This is only scratching the surface of the countless amounts of ways a woman is capable of getting revenge.

If these so-called “red pilled” men were to look at themselves, perhaps they would understand that they are not fundamentally different from a woman who lies in court about having been raped. Both the red pilled man and the woman are only trying to serve themselves. The man is trying to gratify his own sexual desires, and the woman is trying to get money (or just destroy the man who happened to dump her because she has become vengeful.)

Both of them have not, at any fundamental level, grasped truth. And in particular, the red pilled man is only using a surface layer of truth in order to advance himself.

The truth is that sacrifice is the only road toward the Truth. Putting aside one’s own self–the gratification of the ego and all passion-fueled frivolity–is absolutely crucial if one wants to accept the Truth and begin to reshape society into a better place. In this sense the truth is not about accumulating external knowledge, but understanding oneself; self-knowledge.


The man, because of his masculine nature (comprehension of such things as logic) must bear a greater burden toward the truth. Men need to lead the way. There is absolutely no use in expecting a woman to even be able to handle the truth if you can not hold it up for her.

So before the resentful feel the need to chastise me for not holding men and women to the same standards, just remember that this mentality is only part of your indoctrination of equality.