Everything has become plastic and disposable. People are superficially diverse, but inwardly all the same. Nobody cares about anything but themselves, yet they pretend to care about everything. Suicidal thoughts, blind consumption, insecurities, and much more are what can be found inside of the McCulture.

There is a type of sterile positivity that airs from McDodlans™ as the yellow dressed clown slides in front of the counter to take your order. He says “hello, welcome to McDankles. May I take your order?” He wears a big, unwavering grin, and you notice that, while the clown is smiling, his eyes reflect a consuming hatred. Suddenly you feel that you’re forced under gunpoint to reciprocate a smile. As you collect your fetid meal the clown doesn’t blink or break eye contact, but stands completely still.

When you sit down to eat your meal you notice that it doesn’t only smell of chemicals and lard, but it looks just a little too bright, and feels a little too Happy©. A camera watches you with interest as you force the food down your gullet. The food tastes like plastic. You see a commercial posted on the wall which reads “don’t forget to smile.” You manage to force a smile after your last bite, successfully avoiding any suspicion as the camera slowly turns its eye to another, unsuspecting customer.

The clown is heard in the distance saying “hello, welcome to McDungle. How may I take your order” as you leave the establishment.

This sterile, “de-humanitized” air isn’t only confined to the McDankles™ franchise, but has almost replaced all of western culture; we have become a McCulture.

For several generations now we have suffered from the imposition of a mono-culture known as the McCulture. Many claim that it is corporate or capitalist in nature. Some would say it is communist or socialist in nature. None of them are entirely wrong, but their view is too simplistic–and, ironically, these views are part of a dialectic which has been forced upon the world by the pioneers of the McCulture itself. I will do away with the dialectic and do away with all preconceived or commonly held notions. We’re starting with a blank page.

To understand the McCulture better we must first ask what it is and where it came from.


The McCulture way is to be satisfied with your SloppyMeal©. A McCultured man doesn’t ask himself “what comes after this?” or “why am I here?” The McCultured man regales himself, not with fruitful conversation, but with the cheap toys inside of his cardboard box–and why wouldn’t he? This is all he’s ever known.

The McCulture is the race toward who can be the most superficial person; in the McCulture people do not care about their neighbours or their family, but rather an abstracted notion of “those in need;” the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized, etc. Most people in the McCulture avoid helping those who they personally know, and moralize strongly about helping strangers. Thus we can tell that the McCulture is depersonalized. In this way it is sterile and “disinfected” from any sort of humanity.

People care strongly about their Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms; they care about showing an image of themselves, rather than the real self. People feel it is very important to hide their pain behind photos of them on the beach, a club, or wherever is considered “cool” by the McCultural elites–many will even go so far as to fake smiles in their photos. Thus we find that the McCulture is ego driven.

People often say stuff like “that’s just, like, your opinion, man,” “that’s your truth,” or “my truth.” People in the McCulture are afraid of going against the grain, so instead of arguing about what is objectively true, the McCulture allows everyone their own, subjective truth. Naturally this disconnects people from one another, as they end up having less and less in common; There is no communion or communication without commonality in an external reality and external truth which is higher than themselves (ie. God.) Thus we can tell that the McCulture is solipsistic. Everyone implicitly and unconsciously believes that they are the only ones in the world.

Despite having all the knowledge of previous generations at their fingertips, the McCultured people are dumber than ever. The media they consume is intellectually retarded, not to mention its lack of spiritual substance. Even the national IQ of all western countries is declining. Thus we can tell that the McCulture is dumb.

Men become more and more depraved as time goes by; masturbation to pornography and casual sex has them completely addicted, destroying their brains in the process. Women keep selecting men based off social status, looks, and money, rather than virtue–and then vengefully whine about misogyny after they get dumped or mistreated by a man they could have easily avoided. Violence requires not even a pretense of justification anymore, as sports like MMA become more and more popular. Babies are sacrificed for personal gain more than ever before. Thus we can tell that the McCulture is immoral.


The McCulture way is ¡fast!. What is “¡fast!,” you ask? ¡fast! is the kind of thing you get from China. ¡fast! is ¡NOW!–not later. ¡fast! is an obese, 40 year old man suffering from a heart attack as he beats off to videos under porn hub’s BBC category.

The McCulture has always existed within the heart of man. It isn’t as if sloth, greed, lust, narcissism, solipsism, and ego driven consumption appeared out of nowhere. The McCulture didn’t create these, but has merely taken on the role of a petri dish, fostering their growth.

It isn’t either as many people believe, that the McCulture is the result of something which is in its basis political. The McCulture isn’t political in its basis, but cultural. Cultures are made, enforced, overthrown, reshaped, and held in place by people. To look at ideologies as our saviours or destroyers is very basic, and not at all next-level; we need to look into what constitutes humanity, what their very foundational beliefs are, not some superficial, political beliefs.

Many elements of the McCulture can exists perfectly fine under varying types of regimes. A a crony-capitalist regime, a totalitarian, USSR-style regime, and especially the coming technocratic regime all foster McCulture. The end goal is always the same: depersonalize, strip the humanity from people, isolate them, and then to finally kill them all.

It’s possible to see many of the elements of the McCulture during Rome’s last days. In this regard it was called bread and circuses, but it is all the same; they, too, lived in a McCulture of their own before their downfall.

Looking at the rise and fall of Rome, and then our own civilization it is clear that these types of phenomenon come and go in waves, just as they do on the microcosmic, individual level. A person will work for 5 days a week, and then spend the next 2 days doing frivolous, sometimes self-destructive stuff. A nation or continent will undergo the same ebb and flow. The problem is that we in the west are not simply indulging in a weekend period of frivolity, but we are assuming a vacation period and blowing all our money on cocaine and hookers.

The question is then: what would cause a person to pursue such behavior? Whatever causes the average individual to pursue such behavior will be true for society at large.

The main factor for this type of behavior in the individual is fatherlessness, more than anything. There are more factors that enter into the equation, but nothing has the same impact as fatherlessness. Here is an article discussing this–and if that doesn’t convince you, then all you need to look at is the black community in the USA; they have the highest rates of crime, disorder, substance abuse, and, of course, fatherlessness–and it’s certainly not the fictitious “racism” they cry about which is keeping them down.

It should go without saying, but I believe it needs to be mentioned; bad fathers can be just as bad as fatherlessness. Most fathers that end up sticking around are too weak to run their households properly, effectively letting the women run the show. To reiterate: most western dads suck, and therefore their kids get sucked in to the McCulture.

This leads us to ask when fatherlessness started.

A thoroughly McCultured individual could be said to be a McCulturite; finely tuned to the frequency of their GlowBox™, and deftly skilled at following The Narrative©. In this way the McCulturite doesn’t need to discuss with his friends and family, but has a much ¡fast!er and highly capricious efficient way of living.

**All claims made by the McCulture are subject to one’s own interpretation. The McCulture will not be held responsible for any negative side-effects. All rights reserved™ 2021, McCulture Inc.

In order to understand when fatherlessness started we need yo understand that the fatherlessness is a symptom, not a cause. The cause of fatherlessness is metaphysical and spiritual to begin with; kill the idea of a father and the fathers will disappear because most of what constitutes western, civilized masculinity is learned and cultivated; it is not innate.

The McCulture we have today started around the enlightenment. This is the period where philosophy sophistry made its big leaps forward in destroying the greatest father figure of them all; God.

All sense of benevolent authority and rule of law comes from God. If man ceases to worship God he becomes subject to the whims of other men (and women;) everyone is a slave to some master, and if it’s not God then it’s the Devil.

This is probably not very convincing to the average atheist. After all, we live in a McCulture, and atheist scientism is a very McRespectable cult religion accurate and valid opinion–not to mention the lack of exposure that atheists have had to orthodox Christianity. Indeed, Christianity may seem completely pointless when we look at the average MegaChurch® that plays “Jesus is my Boyfriend” during their Sunday service, or where the pastor screams at the top of his lungs and gesticulates wildly in order to heal people of d’gout.

I can assure you–probably to no surprise–that this type of McChristianity is part of the problem.

But let us look at the enlightenment itself for answers. Many sociologists and philosophers noted during the time, despite their own atheist views, that society would collapse without Christianity. This is the origin of the humanitarian cult, which was supposed to replace Christianity. Obviously their meme didn’t work because very few people consider themselves humanists, despite the ceaseless push; and why should anyone care? Humanism is implicitly and explicitly accepting the rule of another human being’s arbitrary rules.

The reason goes like this: if there is no God, then who tells me what’s wrong or what’s right? If you say that “reason” should dictate, then there are two questions which arise: is it simply your reason I should follow, or some abstract, perfect reason (like a god, but impersonal?) In any case, if I see that breaking the rules gives me personal gain, then why should I care about your impersonal, non hell-sending god, or your own, personal opinions which you call reason?

These questions have gone unanswered–unless you consider the circularly reasoned answers they give to be valid–which has led to there being no rules at all. To be fair, there are rules, but they are completely arbitrary; the McRules are just other people’s opinions which they pass for justified and reasoned rules.

Since this point on the western culture hasn’t picked up any new god–they actively avoid it. At most, the McCultured individual will resort to Eastern religions because there is no personal God in them. There is no judgement day, and no rules, only suggestions. The Eastern religions are also easily adopted because they do not conflict with the McCulture. The typical Eastern religions believe that man is god, which is exactly what the McCulture wants, as it leaves people more narcissistic, solipsistic, and judgemental than ever.


This may all have slipped the minds of people. No wonder, the information I have provided does not fit the narrative, and just isn’t ¡fast! enough.

The depersonalization of God (and lack of belief) has put people’s egos in God’s place, making them solipsistic, stupid, and immoral. No wonder we have a McCulture which is full of these trends.

To reverse the McCulture all we need to do is to put God back in the center of our culture, which starts with the center of our own lives.