Have you ever thought about the rebellions that take place in the modern world? There is a sure-fire reason why they have been associated with youth; because there is nothing more rebellious than a toddler throwing a tantrum. Today we'll discuss the macrocosmic tantrum which comes with each generation's fiery, autistic convulsions as they scream "mom and dad are lame and gay!" in their own, idiomatic ways. In other words: we will be discussing what the modern world considers culture.

Courtesy to the Great Heathen, Jack Donovan, who briefly touched upon this subject in one of his books called Becoming a Barbarian. His books can be found here. Secondly, I would like to thank these two tabloid mags (which I will probably never be visiting again) for the stories included in my blog picture. Links are here and here.

To learn what the McCulture is, read my previous article here.


Stacey felt flamboyant as she whipped her hair back before diddling with it playfully. She was listening to the newest track by her favourite rapper, McFaceDoodles. His newest track went *BOOM-TS-TS-TS, KA- BA-BUM-BUM. “Bishes ain’ shieeet butta’ hole 4 me. Smoke a lotta weed n’ make a n1gga bleed.” BROOOOM TS-TS-, KA BRUMDUMMDUMM!* Stacey felt that, despite McFaceDoodles being a caucasian male, his contrived black accent and articulation made the track more appropriate. Either way, whatever made her parents angry was satisfactory to her; it gave her musical tastes a more dangerous and forbidden vibe, no matter how retarded it was.

*SKRRR NIGGUH!* A sound echoed from outside her window. Her boyfriend was here to pick her up in his new, ¡fast! ryde. Stacey immediately gathered her accessories and put them into her new, expensive Gaudy© purse before flying down the stairs and into the hallway. She then burst out of the front door and screamed “wooooh, party!” as she did the xD face and raised her arm. Almost forgetting to take the stairs down the porch, she lunged forward awkwardly, but was able to save her grace by awkwardly wobbling around in her high heels.

When she reached her boyfränds car he rolled down his tinted windows and exposed his stoned face to the last remnants of the day’s light. He squinted and smiled awkwardly, as if he didn’t know what he was smiling at due to the copious amounts of marijuana he had recently injected into his bloodstream. Stacey leaned down and kissed him, but once she’d finished smooching her boyfrän’s cheek, she noticed something in the rear-view mirror; she had an odd smudge on her cheek.

She was baffled for a moment. She remembered having meticulously taken care of her appearance in front of a mirror for at least 30 minutes before leaving the house, and she did not remember having a big smudge on her cheek. When she looked at her bouyfrän she noticed that one of his face doodles had turned into a smudge.

There was a moment of silence between the two of them.

“W’sup, bae?” Her boifrenn eventually said, still squinting and looking stoned out of his gourd. Stacey’s face turned sour when she realized what had happened. She couldn’t believe that she hadn’t noticed this; all of her boyfriends face doodles were drawn on with a marker–and it wasn’t even a permanent marker.

Despite his intellect being reduced by half from the vast amount of cannabis he had insufflated during his ride to Stacey’s house, he was able to make sense of what had happened; Stacey’s bhouifraan, aka TriggerFänger69, recognized that she was on to him. He now knew that she knew. The jig was up. His bloodshot eyes grew large, and he stopped smiling. Just as Stacey was about to open her facial orifice to scold him, he immediately hit the gas and was gone with a SKRRRRAPP!

Stacey couldn’t believe how hustled she had been. After all this time the self-proclaimed “OG” was really just a guy with weedstank and doodles on his face.

Later on that night Stacey saw a post on Facebook from TriggerFänger69: “Yo, am over dat x-gurl shiieeet. She cudnt handle da tats n she aint mad wild nuff 4 me. N e new bitches 2 prty wit?”

Today we in the west live in a society where a mono-culture, known as the McCulture, is being imposed upon us. Everything is supposed to be the same, yet we are also supposed to revel in our diversity. Everyone is supposed to be an outrageous and rebellious superstar, yet you’re not allowed to hurt anyone’s feelings. This may strike you as a paradox–and it is–but that doesn’t matter to the modern man human organism. The solution to this problem has been this: let there be a multitude of safe subcultures inside of the one, giant McCulture.

What is a safe subculture? It is a subculture which does not disagree with the imposition of the McCulture. It can be as violent and disorderly as it wants, as we see with both punk rock of the late 70’s and hip hop of the 2010’s. As long as the subculture in question doesn’t fight against the imposition of a global state and corporate power upon the individual, destruction of the many distinct Western cultures, or create anything with a deeper meaning, it is allowed to exist within the McCulture; as long as what they stand for is artificial and plastic, they are safe.

The end goal of the McCulture is a unity; a singularity of culture where everything is the same; where everyone’s individuality is erased. This may also seem like a paradox–and it is–because the McCulture utilizes heavy elements of solipsism (self-centeredness) to achieve its goal. No matter, the McCulture isn’t predisposed to logic. It is only predisposed to achieving its ends.


The McCultured individual feels sassy today, so he pops on one of his favorite tunes. If the lyrics aren’t about a breakup, money, sex, or drugs, then they are invariably trying to foster a “revolution” or “rebellion” of some kind.

Perhaps it is a revolution against “corporate America,” “society in general,” or religion (usually always Christianity.) The specifics of the rebellion do not really matter to the McCultured individual. All people want is an easy fix to feel like they have a purpose without any work. For this the McCulture has an answer: join a subculture and listen to some music.

Let’s go back about two decades and look at an artist named Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson was the “antichrist superstar” of his age, leading myriads of brooding teenagers into their new, safe subculture where they could safely cut themselves, drink black coffee, and talk about how bad they feel without ever taking responsibility. He also had an air of “intellectuality,” letting people believe that they were “in” on something if they could “get” his music.

Marilyn’s song “The Dope Show” is a prime example of this. The song is a critique against the McCulture, but…

Nothing Records

Marilyn Manson was signed to Nothing Records at the time, who’s parent company is Universal Records, the very people which are capitalizing on “the McDope show.” Ironic? Yes, very, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Perhaps you said to yourself “nothing could beat the irony of that!” Well if this is the case, then you seriously misunderstood just how seriously stupid the McCulture really is.

Next up is Rage Against The Machine. They are a communist band, and almost all of their songs are about their politics. They are signed to a company under Sony Music. Yes, the communists are signed to a huge corporation. This, however is not where the irony lies.

The irony lies in that they consider themselves to be freedom fighters while promoting a global government (and an ideology which is responsible for the deaths of ~100 million people.)

They have also had huge success in the USA with very little real opposition. When I say real opposition I mean people that take your money, your life, your voice, etc. What people forget is that “haters” are not opposition. Rage Against The Machine probably had plenty of haters, but of course such backlash only adds fuel to the fire. Definitely safe.

Let’s have a look at another artist. This time it will be Billie Eilish with her song “Bad Guy.” I wholeheartedly agree that she is the bad guy, but does the culture seem to think so? The obvious answer is a resounding no. This was her most popular song and she was well rewarded for it. The themes of sexuality in this song are also nothing new since the 50’s and 60’s. At this point it’s hardly a real rebellion against any kind of norms because it has become the norm–and it was always safe to rebel in this way, hence why it is now the norm.

You may still be under the impression that your favorite type of music doesn’t fall under the category of safe, but it probably does, no matter how much the artist is trying to convince you that they’re edgy. Unless you find an artist singing about family, God, country, morality, etc, then you are listening to a safe, McCulture approved song.


Skinheads are an interesting bunch for several reasons. One reason is that people think that all skinheads are nazis, while the truth is that they are extremely polarized between vehement anti-racist globalism and nazism.

Aside from their differing political beliefs they are extremely similar: both wear the same type of clothes, shave their heads, drink too much, get violent, and “represent” the working class (whatever that is supposed to mean.) Both of them are economically socialist, too. The only thing that is different about them are their beliefs regarding race and nationalist/globalist policies.

I bring this particular subculture to light because we only need to look at which one of the skinheads are getting the most negative attention in order to understand which one is safe and which one isn’t.

I shouldn’t need to say this, but it is clearly the case that nazi skinheads are much less safe than the anti-racist, globalist soyskins; so much so that all skinheads get a bad reputation from the nazi skinheads. Even the globalist, anti-racist skins will end up getting hassled and beat up in public because they are mistaken for being nazis. Definitely not safe.

The reason for this is because the nazi skins are nationalist, and therefore oppose the McCulture. One may think that skinheads in general have a bad reputation for their degenerate nature and violent acts, but these accusations are only used as cannon fodder when the anti-McCultural sentiments are already in place.

To understand safe subcultures better, let’s look at black culture.

When the BLM movement sparks a riot and begins burning and looting stores, the police are told to stand down. The powers which BLM face are not even fighting back. This is fundamentally because BLM is not fighting any type of power at all; there is no such thing as white power or systemic racism. These are only irrational machinations of a deluded and emotional group of people. This is what makes their rebellion a safe one.


I used the picture and comical vignette in this post to demonstrate the farcical nature of the McCulture. Most artists, movements, and ideas within the McCulture are fake, and so are the people; when they put up an image of being “hard nigga OG’s,” you can be sure that they are deeply insecure and broken.

Don’t back down in the fight against the McCulture. Despite it’s size it is quite fragile.