Psychology is usually BS

Here is a post about the dark triad personality type. For those unfamiliar, the dark triad is a triad constituted by three personality traits: narcissism, machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

Apparently researchers have found that people with dark triad personalities can have such a thing as empathy. Why is this a new discovery? Surely they could’ve deduced this based off the machiavellian need for empathy to exist and function at all? Either way, this empathy, they claim, is based off understanding people, and not necessarily emotionally sympathizing.

This is where I believe psychology shows how fundamentally flawed it is at a paradigm level. Let’s see how often people cry, and not out of repentance, when they are the ones in the wrong, or how often people get “righteously” angry when, yet again, they are in the wrong; this happens quite often–not to mention how often people get suckered in to outright immoral and dangerous ideas and behaviors because they sympathize with some cause or some person.

It’s clear that things like emotionally fueled, vengeful behavior exists in high degrees among the non-dark triad population. The only difference is that they often have socially acceptable excuses for their behavior.

This leads to my point: Psychology fails to address the problem of evil, and instead chooses to categorize certain personality traits–such as a lack of emotion–as a nuisance to society. This is a trick because it’s a secret moral category, even if they choose to not explicitly state it as such. And in the end, all these categories, such as the dark triad, are more or less labels for the non-compliant. Any moral issues are coincidences based off whether society has proper moral values or not.

The perversion that psychology has foisted upon our culture is very evident when we consider that the etymology of psychopath is “diseased soul,” which is a much more apt title for a moral category used to sort out the bad apples in society.

If society would throw away its moral values entirely, psychology would become very self-evidently a tool used for mind-control of the population; the non-compliant are labeled things such as psychopaths and locked up, whether or not they have committed moral crimes.

PS: my friend told me to tell you that I have met the greatest person in the world (him,) and that this needs to be published on the blog. “Finally some good fucking truth,” he says, probably oblivious to the strong levels of irony. Now he goes “What??? What do you mean??” as I read this out loud.

PSS: I will not tell him why it’s ironic.

Ukraine is the new Iraq

Anyone that believes the medias coverage–especially on wars–must be completely blind. To this day, the United States of ‘Murrca is responsible for the vast majority of wars around the world, and to believe that this would be different for Ukraine is naive at best.

Here are two videos proving my point. I understand that these are long, and do not contain flashy images and music, but the average media consumer will have to make due as they contain vital information for understanding the conflict in Ukraine.

The fact is that the United States is trying, yet again, to install a “democratic” regime in yet another country (the Ukraine.) Let’s ask ourselves when we’ve seen this happen before, and if it was effective? Last I remember, places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam did not turn out very well. Yet the USA does not seem to learn their lesson.

In short: Ukranian blood is on the US and anyone that wants to believe they’re a “good person” for supporting the Ukranian government.