Anyone that believes the medias coverage–especially on wars–must be completely blind. To this day, the United States of ‘Murrca is responsible for the vast majority of wars around the world, and to believe that this would be different for Ukraine is naive at best.

Here are two videos proving my point. I understand that these are long, and do not contain flashy images and music, but the average media consumer will have to make due as they contain vital information for understanding the conflict in Ukraine.

The fact is that the United States is trying, yet again, to install a “democratic” regime in yet another country (the Ukraine.) Let’s ask ourselves when we’ve seen this happen before, and if it was effective? Last I remember, places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam did not turn out very well. Yet the USA does not seem to learn their lesson.

In short: Ukranian blood is on the US and anyone that wants to believe they’re a “good person” for supporting the Ukranian government.